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Wood carving craft chisels and hand tools For sale in the Uk a range English Wood chisels for carving wood , through to Beginners carving chisels sets for your woodworking.We are are Suppliers of Professional wood carving chisels for shaping & cutting wood.Also to go you our wood carvers chisels we are suppliers Wooden Carvers Mallets for chisels with Round shaped Faces, also to keep your chisels edges sharp, with our carving chisels sharpening whetstones.To shape and cut through you timber/wood sculpting projects with while carving.

All Carving Chisels are already Sharpened and Honed Woodworking Hand Chisels edges.

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12 piece Professional Wood Carving Chisel Set with Smart Wooden Case

This High Quality 12 piece hand carving set comes with a great mix of the most commonly used types of carving chisel which are available , these 12pc hand small wood carving chisels have a lovely feel and look about them with skew and gouge chisels included in the set this would be a best choice for all carvers chisels in the wood craft hobby tools today, buying a set of more quality helps all user carve wood with your tools in a easier manner, the tools comes with wooden box ideal for safe keeping with they are not being used and saves and damage or risk of chipping the cutting edges.

Carving Chisels Wood Blade Types Included

6mm gouge • 10mm parting tool • 16mm gouge • 10mm gouge • 6mm double face skew • 6mm spoon chisel • 6mm round point • 6mm skew • 6mm spear point • 6mm hollow point • 6mm straight chisel • 12mm straight chisel

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English Made Carving Chisels Set

A favourite in English hand carving chisel and made by Crown tools who have many hand tools for years they are made in Sheffield steel carving tools and know for their high quality small carving sets, the set is an most popular for wood carving, the small size of these wood chisels will appeal to many and the professional British finish with crown stamped beechwood handles.A nice mix of gouges and skew carving chisels to mentions a few that come with the British manufactured carving set, and finished off nicely with a presentation case.

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Wooden Carving Mallet for Chisels

With its Rounded head this carvers mallet for chisels , the round shaped of the mallet creates easy use and allows the carving of wood with chisels without having to adjustable the position of the tool and no altering of your hand position, these are  made in England carving mallet made from beechwood for use with carvers chisels, a favourite with carpenters and stone masons tools, Ideal balanced mallet for carving chisel sets

Special Price of £39.95 with Free Delivery

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Beginners Carving Chisel Set

A basic budget 12 piece wood carving chisels set with wooden handles, these hand carving chisels are ideal for learning  how to carve wood as they are inexpensive carving chisels.A popular starters mix of shape end chisel blades like carving gouges and skews, for used kids/junior young persons carving chisels under supervision.

Price £34.99

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Palm Hand Carving Chisels

These small palm handled carving tools are ideal for fine detail and work where a standard full size carving chisels struck with a mallet would be too strong and cause damage to the wood you need to carve.The chisels are palm sized rounded handles and fit they your hand and fingers, Just 5" in total short length carving chisels for wood.

Carving Set Included sizes: 1  x Straight Chisel 10mm Blade Width 1 X Bent Flat Chisel 10mm Blade Width 1 X V Shaped Gouge Chisel 8mm Blade Width 1 X Straight Small Gouge Chisel 8mm Blade With 1 X Straight Large Gouge Chisel 8mm 1 X Corner/ skew Chisel 10mm all Round headed palm grip handles.Brand New Packaged.

Price £29.95

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Beginners Wood Whittling knife Carving Set

These Carving Knives are ideal for learning the wood craft for whittlers when starting out in the hobby, made in the Uk Sheffield best you can buy these are a super quality carving set a joy to use, also used for carving walking sticks and bush craft chip knives set always receive great .The total length of the tools are 160mm and a carving blade is 30mm in Length.Included with the set are a Straight, Skew and Curved Carving Knives included in this kit.

£49.99 with Free Uk Delivery 

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