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Eyelet Tool Kits

 A range of Eyelet Tool kits for sale , we are supplies of many tools which fit eyelets into a many types of materials from fabric to leather these tools securely fix eyelet into your craft piece, the eyelet tool works by closing the eyelet by forming it and fastening in place, all come with 100 Free brass eyelets.

7mm Eyelet Setting Tool & 100 Brass Eyelet click here

A 7mm Rolson Eyelet Tool for closing eyelets


4mm Eyelet Closing Tool with 100 Brass Eyelets click here

4mm Eyelet Hole Punch tools

4mm Eyelet Closing Tool with 100 mixed colour Eyelets click here 

4mm sized Eyelet Punch Tool

Tarpaulin Eyelet Repair Tool click here

Tarpaulin replacement eyelet repairing tool set

4mm & 7mm Spare Brass Eyelet for Fitting Tool

200pc Spare Brass Eyelets


Tools for Eyelets sale

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