Hand Held Leather Hole Punch Pliers for Sale

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Professional Leather Punch Pliers

Quality Expert Leather hole making pliers that create hole in leather belts also an ideal tool for punching holes in leather shoes and boots, this hand held tool has a rotary punch head with 6 hole cutting sizes, the puncher cut 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm and 5mm round diameter sized holes.

This leather hole punch tool are  used to punch holes by the user first turning the revolving head punch head to the correct hole size, the handles of the pliers are pressed together cutting the hole in the leather belts shoes,boots, dog collars watch straps, also a fine hole cutter for paper and card, vinyl and canvas.

Customer guide notice this is the better and stronger for use as a  leather belt puncher out of the two we stock ideal for thick tough leather belts and straps etc ideal leathers makers professional hole punch.

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Silverline leather punch

Budget Leather hole Punch Pliers

A more lightweight leather tool used for punching round holes in leather, this revolving leather punch has 6 revolving punching turretts to cut holes in various types of leather.The pliers have non slip vinyl handles for a sure grip while using the hole puncher.

A popular leatherworking tools in the craft and often these leather hole punches are used for equestrian leather to perforate holes in bridles saddles, collars leathers when punched

Leather Hole maker of the below sizes


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a hand tool commonly used for creating hole in leather belts

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Buy from our Uk Online store Quality tools for sale to make hole with this puncher in your best leather belts kits, awl , hollow wad punch, leather working punch tools

leather punch is a hole punch specifically for making holes in leather. The working tip of the punch is a hollow steel cylinder with a sharp circular knife-like edge. The leather piece is placed on a hard surface, which may be a part of the tool set, and the punch is forced through it, cutting out a small circular piece which is discarded. The punch may be a simple metal tool struck with a hammer; or several such punches may be mounted on a rotary turret on a pliers-like tool with an anvil, with the desired size selected by rotating the turret. Hole diameters typically range from about 1mm to 6mm. They are typically used for making holes for buckleseyelets, and rivets in shoesbeltsbridles, etc