Eyelet Setter Tools for Sale Uk

Here is a range of Eyelet Setter tool kits, ideal for setting eyelet with this tools in  materials like Crafts and Fabric , Leather and Paper/Card, the hand held eyelet setting tools can reach further across then pliers so you can easily set your round eyelet with this tool.

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5mm Black Eyelet Setter Tool Kit

The tool is used for setting eyelets comes with the die setter tool and 50 black eyelets which fit a 5mm hole size.

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                     black coloured eyelet setter tool set

Nickel 5mm Setting Tool Set

This Eyelet setter kit comes with 50 nickel eyelets look just like silver , great tool kit for setting your eyelets

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                      Nickel type eyelet setting tool

Gold Eyelets Setters Kit

This Eyelets tool kit to set eyelets in various materials like cloth and leather also vinyl with 5mm gold eyelets . come with the fixing to for setting eyelets


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              Gold Eyelet Setter Tool Kit

Tarpaulin Eyelets Setter Repair Kit

This is the complete toolkit for replacing eyelets in your tarps comes with Brass 30 Grommets/Eyelets with washers to secure and the tarpaulin hole punch and eyelet setter tool, the eyelets are 12.5mm for a  hole size.


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   Tarpaulin eyelet setter tool kit

Eyelet Hole Punch for Setters.

These hollow punches are ideal for creating hole for eyelet setter tools and far easier and safer to use when setting your eyelets will create a 5mm eyelet setter hole.

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Eyelet Setter Hoe Punches

For sale eyelet setter in the Uk

7mm Eyelet Setter
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Product description: 5mm Black Eyelet Setter