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Eyelet Equipment fitting tools Uk

Eyelet fitting Tool with Brass Eyelets

Using Metal Eyelets with tool kits

We are Suppliers of 4mm , 5mm and 7mm round Eyelets and all the equipment at our online store, How eyelets work is a hole is punched then for example you will cut a hole with a tool making the hole.the eyelet is then fastened onto the material such as fabric or leather.The eyelet will then strengthen the edge of a small hole this creates a quality finish and the metal rings stop are ripping, a common use for eyelets is threading rope or lace threaded through their centre hole ideal for banner and curtains, they are also uused on paper and card for document fastening.

Eyelet Tool Selection 

The Tools for eyelets are used to form and secure the eyelet onto your materials. These handheld tools are easy to used and normally fit one size eyelet place but you can get away with 1mm extra in hole size, for sale we have you will fine a good selection of fixing tool, eyelet tool are for setting only in other word just a closing tool for eyelets.

Here is a Selection of Eyelet Tools here

Eyelet Pliers when yo use them.

Another type of Eyeleting Equipment are these Eyelet Pliers these again form eyelet with their die jaws with the squeeze of their handles many of these pliers have a built in hole punch , pliers are used to fit eyelets of the edge of materials which is ideal for many eyeletting jobs you will come across.

Eyelet Pliers available

Will I need an Eyelet Punch?

With some Eyelet products you will find that you will need an stand alone eyelet punch tool as many fitting tools for eyelets are just setters and not hole punch tools, if this is the case you will need to buy a hollow punch to make the hole in you work for eyelet only closing tools ,  these work but smack the head of these hole punch with hammer a nice clout and the job is simply done.

Hole Punch for Eyelets

What's the Difference Between Eyelet Setting and Other Tools?

Eyelet Setter Tool For Sale

Well the the main advantage of using an Eyelet setter is that you can using them anyway and these setters are ideal for reaching across a large area of sheeting where pliers can not reach, with eyelet setting tools they work by a female die where the eyelets is place then the male die tool to place on top , then you just use a hammer to tap the top of this and the eyelet is former and secured.

Brass Eyelets for Sale

Do I Need Washers for my Eyelets

No is the simple answer to your question as the eyelets fixes it's self onto your material , yes some tools do use eyelets but they are fiddly and difficult to use unlike these self forming eyelets.

How are Metal Eyelet Sized

Well if your eye hole size is 4mm then this will make the it an 4mm eyelet, the outside diameter is the edge that goes around the eyelet normally 8mm, so with these example you will know that an eyelet which is installed into a 7mm is a class as a 7mm size eyelet.

What Types of Eyelets Colour are Available

Well there are many types of coloured eyelets from Brass, Black, Silver even Antique Brass Eyelets just to name a few to match you craft projects, so there you have there are many colours of eyelets to match your requirements.

Which Materials can Eyelets be Used on?

The great point about eyelets if these metal rings can be fitted into small holes in many different materials for leather for leatherworking like belt holes even shoes and boots, also used for card making craft, Also for paper and card document fastening to reinforce the hole edges. Also cloth and fabric for clothes.Also used for vinyls and plastics for banner corner edges to secure them with rope threaded through their hole centres.


Hole Punchers For Leather

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