Brass Eyelet Tool Kit

Brass Eyelet Kit with Fitting Tool

We are Suppliers of a range of Brass eyelet kit sets for sale in the Uk.

For sale these Brass Coated eyelets are also know as brass grommets tool kits normally a grommet is a more large and heavy duty eyelet

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 Eyelet Pliers to Fit These Brass Eyelets

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7mm Brass Eyelet Kit

This 7mm Brass Eyelet Tool Kit is used to fit brass eyelets into your materials from paper , leather and card for example the jaw of the tool fix the brass rounfg metal eyelets in place and secure them with no washers needed as the die jaw of the eyelet kit act as a crimper closing the brass eyelet in place for you.These kits comes with 100 brass coated 7mm eyelets to fit a  hole size.


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Brass eyelet fitting kit

200 4mm Brass Eyelet Rings

A pack of 200 Brass eyelets for reinforces small round holes these eyeets are inserted into 4mm diameter hole with an outside diameter of 8mm


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              a pack of 100 brass eyelets in 7mm and 4mm hole sizes are brass in colour

200 7mm Brass Eyelets Ring.

These larger size 7mm Brass Eyelets for the tool kits we stock, they fit a 4mm hole size with a outside diameter of 12mm.Eyelets are also known as grommets.


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     Large Brass eyelets which are Brass coated

         4mm Brass Eyelet Kit

 This Brass eyelet fitting Kit for 4mm hole size eyelets for fixing into Paper, Card, leather , Faric , vinyl and many more materials bothe punches the hole and crimps the brass eyelets with this fixing kit , like 2 tools in 1 with this setting pliers.


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        Brass Eyelet Fitting Kit

Also know as Grommets and Brass Hollow Rivets , round shaped metal eyelet rings

7mm Eyelet Pliers
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