Leather Hole Punch Pliers

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Professional Leather Punch Pliers

For sale this Quality Leather hole making pliers that create hole in leather belt puncher also an ideal tool for punching extra holes in leather shoes and boots even watch straps and as a paper punch and card for craft materials hole punch, this hand tool has a rotary punch head with 6 hole cutting sizes, the hole puncher

Will cut you the following sizes 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm and 5mm round diameter sized holes.

This pair of handheld pliers are heavy duty leather hole punch tool are used to punch holes by the user first turning the 6 rotary headed punch head to the correct hole size, the handles of the pliers are pressed together cutting the hole cutter in the leatherworking punch tool.

Customer guide notice this is the better and stronger for use as a  leather belt hole puncher out of the two we stock,

Strong Tool Made to Last

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handheld tool for punching holes in leather and paper just by pressing the handles together

Budget Leather hole Punch Pliers

A lightweight leather hand tool used for punching round holes in leather, this revolving leather punch has 6 revolving punching turretts to cut holes in various types of leather.The pliers for leather hole punching have non slip vinyl handles for a sure grip while using the hole punch plier for leather.

A popular leathercraft tools as a round hole maker in the craft and often these leather hole punches are used for equestrian leather such as bride or cat and dog collars leathers.

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a hand tool commonly used for creating hole in leather belts

Leather and Paper Hole Punching Hand Pliers

Buy from our Uk Online store we are stockist of Quality tools for sale to make hole with this puncher in your best leather belts.